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Argentina’s “Energía Delivery” plan

September 7, 2007

With presidential elections approaching hard and fast in October, it appears that energy policy makers in Argentina don’t have anything better to do but to make up catchy names for energy schemes.

We’ve heard of in the past of Energía Plus, Energía Total but now there’s a new plan called Energía Delivery. The macaronic name is pretty corny and gives the impression of a pizza delivery man knocking at your door.

The aim of the latest energy plan is to put online by mid-December 350-500MW to cope with energy shortages in summer, according to Buenos Aires daily Clarín.

The small power plants will be located in Córdoba and Buenos Aires, Northeast (NEA) and Northwest (NOA) region of the country.

The NOA region will have three 20MW plants located in the provinces of Catamarca, La Rioja and Santiago del Estero. In the NEA region there will be three plants: Formosa (30MW), Chaco (20MW and 15MW) province.

Córdoba province will have a 20MW power plant.

(The article can be reprinted as long as permission is requested from and the source is mentioned)

Argentina’s richest province of Buenos Aires will get power relief from the following plants: Junín (20MW), Pehuajó (20MW), San Clemente (15MW) and three barges with generation capacity of 50-100MW apiece.

As usual, the question isn’t whether such plants will generate enough power to plug burgeoning demand, the quetion is if the timeframe is realistic.

The Clarín article doesn’t mention what type of fuels the plants will use but it will be costly since they will most likely use diesel or heavy fuel oil.

If anything, Energía Total reveals the wretched state of energy matters in Argentina and what poor energy planning has done to the country.

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